Valley View Community Food Bank

Our mission is to serve our communities with love and respect for those who are in need of a good and wholesome nutritious food box.

There is nothing quite like being able to offer a helping hand in a time of need.

Valley View Community Food Bank is committed to doing as much as possible to serve the needs of our diverse community. This is our local Sun City food bank–serving over 400 people a day–32% from Sun City.

Valley View Community Food Bank is more than a food bank. It’s where a harvest of the big hearts in the community yields an awesome sharing of the bounty around us. We have regular work for volunteer teams and individuals alike.

It’s the good stuff about people that we will celebrate on this site.

We hope you visit the website often. We know we can entice you to come to Valley View Community Food Bank and spend some of your quality time with us. And if you’re wondering when we need you . . .

the time is now to share the bounty.